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Domestic and Corporate Arborist
Domestic and Corporate Arborist

Domestic and Corporate Arborist Services

Tree Crowning

Tree Crowning is often required when a tree has outgrown its natural space and now blocks wanted sunlight/views to a premises or sheds too many leaves in the winter months. Situation dependant, the re-shaping comes in three forms:

Crown Thinning – A reduction in the density of the tree by removing compacted branches.

Crown Lifting – Removal of the branches from the lower part of the tree to “lift” the crown.

Crown Reduction – Removal of branches forming the higher part of the tree to reduce overall height and expanse of the tree.

Although not an enduring solution, crowning enables clients to maintain a healthy balance of sunlight and privacy as well as reducing the amount of personal time required on maintenance. As such, crowning is often the preferred choice for those wanting to preserve well-established trees that assist in reducing ground moisture and provide habitats for tree dwelling faunae.

Tree Felling

Tree Felling offers a permanent solution to clients when a tree has become too problematic. This may occur for various reasons but is usually sought when a tree has become rotten, diseased, damaged or continually encroaches on a nearby structure causing damage to foundations, dwellings or fixed boundaries. In this instance, complete felling and removal of the tree is the recommended solution but alternatively pollarding (total removal of the tree canopy) to leave only the main tree stem is also offered. Both services can be carried out on trees of all sizes and our team specialise in restricted and confined area felling where the tree is removed in small sections.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is more affordable solution to unsightly tree stumps with minimal disruption to the surrounding soil or lawn area. Stumps often remain as a result of incomplete felling jobs or home DIY projects without the correct tools. Unlike healthy leafy faunae, stumps often provide a habitat for unwanted pests, fungal growths and foliage disease. Depending on the future plans for the area, our stump grinding service safely reduces the stump down to just below grade (or further if required) to the topsoil leaving a grassed or replanting area.

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PNME Ltd Services

PNME Ltd Arborists and Inspection services are able to provide the full range of a tree surgery and vegetation services in addition to rope access and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) inspection work.

Arborist Services

Tree Crowning, Tree Felling and Stump Grinding.

Railway Arborist

Ground Track Clearance and Height Track Clearance.

Rope Access

Abseiling Services.

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